Welcome... to qualitative health care services.

SARAFIANOS private clinic is a model Diagnostic and Therapeutic Center, at the most central spot of the town, with long-year tradition in offering high-quality health care services.

It offers::
  • 100 Hospital beds in large air-conditioned rooms
  • 15 beds - spots in the Artificial Kidney Unit
  • 4 beds in the Intensive Care Unit
  • Modern medical-technological equipment, which is constantly renewed
  • Laboratory for diagnostic purposes
  • Outpatients practices
  • Lithotripsy Unit
  • Top scientific staff of all specializations
  • Highly qualified nurses and administrative staff
  • Fully equipped operating rooms
  • Homecare service
  • Ambulance service
  • Hospitalization for patients from foreign countries
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Unit

Our main characteristics are respect towards the patient, sense of professional responsibility, quality, completeness, consistency of the services offered and above all our orientation towards the patient as we offer qualitative health care services to the residents of Thessaloniki as well as the neighboring Prefectures and countries.

Of course that is not all.

We keep evolving with quick steps in order to live up to the demands of our times, constantly renewing and supplementing our medical-technological equipment, constantly training our staff further, and maintaining affordable prices, adjusted to the financially hard conditions prevalent in Greece.

We live in an era of high demands.

And we offer the ultimate good, health, through services meeting those demands and never setting the bar low.

Our News


UEHP - new board of directors1.jpg
On 27 February, the General Assembly of the UEHP took place in Paris. France is one of the founding members of the UEHP, with Italy and Belgium, and has always played a key role in the UEHP and once more renewed its active involvement within the European Union of Private Hospitals. 

THE UEHP counts this day 19 Member States representing 3500 Private Hospitals in Europe. 

Accredited to European Institutions, it is the only European Federation in Brussels representing the private hospital sector. The UEHP also belongs to several high-level groups of the European Commission, has its place in Joint actions with Governments of 28 EU countries, and is in direct contact with about fifty Members of Parliament of several countries, therefore participating actively in the lobbying process and intervening on the European level in favour of the private hospital sector.

During this 2015 General Assembly, the UEHP elected its new Board for a two-year mandate. France won the UEHP Presidency with its candidate Dr. Paul Garassus who was already a member of the Board and who had been, for years, active in the monitoring of European affairs. The composition of the new Board is as follows: 

President: Dr Paul Garassus (FR)

Vice Presidents: Mrs Cristina Contel (SP), Mr. Jens Wernick (DE)

Secretary: Dr. Andrzej Sokolowsi (PL)

Treasurer: M. Jean-Noël Godin (BE)

Members of the Board Mrs. Alberta Sciachi (IT) Dr. Christian Le Dorze (FR), Dr. Grigoris Sarafianos (GR)

Prof Gabriele Pelissero (IT) was also elected new President of the General Assembly.

At the GA were also present the new Serb, Danish and Moldovan members who made a very interesting presentation of the hospital sector of their country. Indeed the private hospital sector varies in the different European regions and face different problems often shared. We can witness in northern Europe a true competition between different providers and a real differentiation of the sector which often includes private healthcare in all its forms and not only hospitals. In Denmark the same group runs clinics, senior residences, ambulance services and ambulatory care. To the East, we can often see the intervention of foreign groups in the market and a large proportion of "out of pocket” care.  To the South, the members face the problems of public payment delays. For example, in 2014, the UEHP urged the European Commission to denounce the payment delays for Greek and Italian private hospitals.

Germany, France, Italy and Spain differ with a contract system with the public authorities for the treatment of public patients. Having said that France remains the country where the private sector is the most developed, in the rest of Europe the average number of public patients treated in a contracted hospital is 20% for Italy, Spain and Germany, much less in the remaining countries.

The Secretary General, Mr. Paolo Giordano presented the activities undertaken by the UEHP the previous year (see links to the official document) and distributed brochures to each national delegations on European direct funding programs which affect the sector: Horizon , COSME, Erasmus+ , Health  for Growth(see links to official documents) . Direct and Indirect Funding (Structural Funds, FSE) are one of the subjects where the UEHP is actively involved having already won two funding tenders in 2014, the first on the quality of care and patient safety; the second on hospital waste management.

The Secretary General also presented the major lines of the action plan 2015 (see links) which includes the UEHP participation at the European Patient´s Rights Day with a close collaboration with the FHP on this theme and on the European Charter of Patient´s rights. Among the activities proposed by the Brussels ‘delegation, there is:

-          The organization of a UEHP seminar at the European Parliament on Effectiveness and Health investments

-          The nomination of the UEHP to be part of the interest group of the European Parliament on Innovation and quality of care

-          Meetings with the new European Commissioner for Health and the President of the Health Commission of the European Parliament

-          The organization of information days, free for UEHP members, on European funding and on the functioning of the EU, the Community mechanism and lobbying. The information days can take place in the delegation country but also in Brussels with opportunities to meet members of Parliament and of the European Commission.


Other activities already planned and approved by the General assembly for 2015 are the UEHP Conference which will take place mid-September during the World Expo 2015, in Milan, on the modernisation and sustainability of health services and the creation of a Factbook with data on the private hospital sector in Europe. In the course of 2015, the UEHP will also be involved with other activities related to issues brought forward by the European Commission.

Visiting of IMF International Monetary Fund at our Clinic

The visiting of the International Monetary Fund representative Mrs. Todd, was implemented today in the framework of her survey regarding the configuration of the framework for the provision of Medical tourism health care to International patinets from Greek Clinics.


Participation in Exhibitions

OMAN-HEALTH-9-2014-01.jpgWithin the framework of its active involvement in the field of Medical Tourism and in the hospitalization of foreign patients, the Clinic participates in 3 expositions in September and October, 2 in Arab States of the Gulf and one in Kazakhstan.

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Inauguration of the Oncology Department

The department of Internal Medicine / Oncology was inaugurated under the scientific supervision of the distinguished Internal Medicine / Oncology expert Dr. Minas Markopoulos and with the cooperation of a team of physicians. Apart from treating patients, the department will also perform Chemotherapies.


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