SARAFIANOS General Clinic S.A. completed half a century of continuous operation and responsible offering of services in the sector of Hospital Care in the town of Thessaloniki.

i-istoria-mas-i-filosofia-mas-simera-1.jpgIt was established by late Dr. Lysimachos Sarafianos in 1956. The construction of today’s multi-storey building at 28 Ioustinianou Str. was completed in 1972, providing Thessaloniki with the most modern, compliant with European standards, private clinic of the town, comprising 202 beds, expanding in 3 adjacent buildings, and owning hospital equipment which was unparalleled at the time, central air-conditioning, fully equipped rooms, and operating rooms with medical equipment which had never before been used in Thessaloniki.

Ever since the first day of its operation, it has tried and managed, as it does today as well, to be joined by great Greek scientists, who using the freedom involved in practicing their trade as self-employed persons, were able to bring new, innovating ideas to the sector of hospital care and health services in general as well as new practices and breakthroughs only existing in developed countries.


i-istoria-mas-i-filosofia-mas-simera-2.jpgThe founder’s vision and goal was to offer care services to patients “in a compassionate way”, in a place with high-level Medical Know-how.

Showing sensitivity and respect towards the needs of each patient, an environment of trust, understanding and willingness has been shaped.


It takes the leap ahead.

i-istoria-mas-i-filosofia-mas-simera-3.jpgHolding on to the experience, knowledge, wisdom and prestige of a long tradition, and combining vigor, urge, imagination and effectiveness of its new Management Team, we turn the page and aim at offering high-level health care services, adapting to the new standards of Hospital Care in our town.

The basic components of our operation over the last years, based on high demands in the sector of medical care, have been:

  • Overall modernization with new, high-tech medical equipment
  • Installation of last-generation diagnostic equipment
  • Overall restructuring of the Hospital Care system
  • Development through establishment of the outpatients practices and the Intensive Care unit
  • Establishment of new departments
  • New partner scientists
  • New, experienced nurses
  • Establishment of One Day Surgeries
  • Establishment of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Laboratory operation around the clock
  • Complete renovation of the premises.

The new organization and operation model, fully modernized premises, constant procurement of medical equipment, upgraded operation rooms are already a reality for us.

Of course that is not all.

We keep evolving with quick steps in order to meet the demands of our times. Our state-of-the-art, complete medical equipment, i-istoria-mas-i-filosofia-mas-simera-4.jpgconstantly being renewed, absorbs the better part of the clinic’s investment capital every year.

Our main characteristics are respect towards the patient, sense of professional responsibility, quality, completeness, consistency of the services offered and above all our orientation towards the patient.


Where to Find Us