Medical Staff - Scientists in Charge

Our Doctors

iatriko-dynamiko-epistimonikoi-ypeythynoi-1.jpgOur doctors, both the Chiefs of the various Departments and the large number of our partner doctors have received excellent scientific training, have the know-how and a sense of responsibility, are fully up-to-date with all new techniques and treatment protocols and belong to the elite of our town’s medical community.

The goal all of us have set is full recovery of our patients as soon as possible.

Scientists in Charge

Pathology Skoutas Dimitrios
Cardiology Tselentakis Michael
Oncology Department - Chemotherapy Markopoulos Minas
General Surgery Kouridakis Petros
Plastic Surgery Ousantzopoulos Nikos
Ophthalmology Ioannidis Vasilios
Urology Petridis Paulos

Orthopedics Surgery – Trauma

Hip & Knee Replacement Surgery
Mentzelos Anastasios
Nephrology Kellidou Sofia
Gynecology Papoutsopoulos Nikos
Radiology Laboratory Afthonidou Anna
Microbiology - Biochemistry Skepastianos Petros
General Ultrasonography Afthonidou Anna
Vascular Triplex Examination Karydas Michael
Gynecological and Obstetric Ultrasonography Papoutsopoulos Nikos
Stress Test - Holter Monitor - Vascular and Heart Ultrasounds – Triplex Examination Tselentakis Michael
Mammogram – Mamma Center Afthonidou Anna
CT-Scanning Karydas Michael
Artificial Kidney Unit Kellidou Sofia
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Zacharas Ioannis
Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) Unit Kellidou Sofia


Scientific Collaborators

Pathology Department – Diabetes Center Skoutas Dimitris

General Surgery

Moulatsiotis Konstantinos

Urology Dimophilos

Where to Find Us