NAFTEMPORIKI pullout «Health and Medicine», 24 April 2016

Private Hospitals and EOPYY

The negotiation for new adjustment economic program will lead to a change in their relations?

of the President of Panhellenic Union of Private Hospitals and member of Board of Directors of the European Union of Private Hospitals UEHP Gregory Sarafianos

We are going through the 6th year in Memorandum conditions, the 5th year of E.O.P.Y.Y.’s operation and the 4th year of thieving measures’ application of Rebate and Claw Back, acting in a hostile economic environment for businesses, in conditions of unprecedented full economic suffocation, in terms of provision of our services constantly changing and indeed unilaterally, but additionally with retroactive effect.

We offer our services under difficult conditions but also with a sense of responsibility towards our patients, insured individuals of E.O.P.Y.Y., regardless of the continued long unconventional behavior of the Organization.

We operate under an economic adjustment program that expired at the end of 2014 and it extends unilaterally for one and a half year now, without being respected and constantly under violation.

These days, the energetic new E.O.P.Y.Y. Administration has begun the negotiation of the new agreement hoping to be completed with positive result.

But in order to sign the new agreement, both private hospitals and other providers, the new agreement should be isobaric rather than unbalanced, to reflect reality, to consider as a fact that any offered service must be remunerated at 100% and actually immediately, to be respected by both parties, its terms should not be undone by unilateral actions and of course to require from providers the offering of services according to the financial capabilities of the Organization.  


We must restore trust with the E.O.P.Y.Y. Administration defining honestly and sincerely our cooperation conditions without surprises, without retroactive decisions without horizontal cuts.  

At the same time, the political leadership should abolish thieving measures of Rebate and Claw Back, which mean refusal to pay the States obligations to providers for services that they have offered in proven, at least by 50% !!! For the fourth consecutive year in application’s perspective of cuts up to 2018, according to the 3rd memorandum, as they had promised as opposition party, but rather extended their application until 2018, according to Law 4336/2015, to cancel out the inexplicable increase in VAT from 13% to 23% without concurrent increase in the budgeted amount for Private Hospitals, to proceed directly to adjustment of the E.O.P.Y.Y. budget regarding the rough, incorrect and unsubstantiated distribution of codes to Providers and to the expenses covered, deploying, as required, in the best possible way the resources of E.O.P.Y.Y., taking account to cover the real needs of its insured.

If one considers the hours of queues at emergency departments, shortages of medical and nursing staff, closed intensive care units, medical equipment poorly operating due to lack of service and spare parts supply failure, lack of consumable medical supplies but also materials for making interventions , long months’ waiting lists for performing surgeries, but even the lack of basic clothing, someoneunderstands very easily that thesecompose a collapse setting of the public health system.

But everyone must realize that the collapse of public health system should not drag down the Private sector with it

Available resources are few and should be exploited in the best possible way. The E.O.P.Y.Y. as an organization of purchasing health services, away from obsessions, has to negotiate the purchase of services not only with the private sector but also with the public one. It buys more expensive services by consuming resources while Private sector costs much less.

The draft implementation of DRG Closed Consolidated medical expenses without costing but with copying and mathematical reductions have led to market distortion. Let us apply the valid prices in a European Union country with the same per capita income and have been tested in practice.

The E.O.P.Y.Y. has specific financial potentials. It should cover to the percentage that can repay andthe rest to accept to be covered by patients who themselves choose the private sector and not the public. Choice of trust for efficiency, assurance and promptness of our services. Choice of trust for the restoration of (patient’s) health.

Cost containment policies designed to maintain the supply and prices control, will lead to increased waiting lists in public hospitals. This will fuel people’s discontent regarding their operation, as it happened with similar policies which were attempted for application in many European countries.

The health system needs to be modernized and requires funding to be viable.

We need to introduce the quality and patients’ assurance in the provided services, regardless from what industry they are provided, we must introduce innovation and make extensive use of technology, e-health, to create the e-card and patient’s file. To introduce the real-time interface for all providers, public and private, to the benefit of the system, of social security and primarily of patients.  

Furthermore, the efficiency and system’s modernization can be best achieved in a system involving multitude of competing Providers, among which citizens can choose freely, rather than in a system with the participation of a few Providers who will create an oligopoly status or even a monopoly.

Competition increases productivity and more efficient coverage of health care, with a positive impact on the use of available resources.

Health requires a restart. Now, before it's too late.


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